Balkan Burger

It all started in September 2011 at little food market in the middle of Jo'burg...

Brother and Sister go to a new market opening to hook up with their best family friend from Cape Town but the Jo’burgers are fashionably late and Capetonians are surprisingly early so they miss each other… sad times.

They decide to stay and grab something to eat but all the food is sold out. And it's wasn’t even 1pm! As they sat and wished they were digging into something tastier, it suddenly dawned on them… the market needed something new!

Sitting on the balcony after a couple of beers on empty stomachs their Serbian courage kicked in and a crazy idea was born: “We shall quit the life of corporate misery and peruse our passion of food!”

Presenting to the market gate keepers. 2011


Fast-forward to Monday morning, sitting at her office desk, looking at a bunch of files, with a slight hangover, sister picks up her phone and phones brother. The conversation went a bit like this:

E, како си?

добро, ти?

добро ...

ајде да правимо пљескавице, леба ти?


супер! ...a како?

појма немам!

So, one sunny October morning sister mobilised the family into action. “Mom, you are to help cook a Serbian meal fit for Kings and Queens and we are going to present it to the market gate keepers. Dad, you are to organise the best quality meat supplier and your old friends to help make bread and sauce! And Brother, you are to reach out to the market organisers and sell them our vision!”

Six days later the brother and sister duo had their first successful day as gourmet street food pioneers, and the rest is, as they say, history.

2011 - 2019 in pictures


Today we are all grown up, catering for events big and small in one of South Africa’s most recognisable food truck and the Balkan Burger brand has become synonymous with big concerts, festivals, events, birthdays, weddings, markets and of course being the best burger in the universe!

Although we are huge now, we know that we couldn’t have done any of this without our family being united and supportive, without all of our Joburg and Cape Town friends who helped us in wisdom, marketing tips, design, builds and teardowns, champagne bottles and blue cheese, tech geek outs, mechanical know how, mars bars, stepping stones, laughs and many taps on the back.


But most importantly we couldn’t have done any of it without you - our customer! Thank you for all the support and thank you for helping us change the world, one Balkan Burger at a time! We salute you!

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